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An answer to “How do I start making games?”

Food for the spirit

One Sure and Important Thing to Remember: Feel the Game that you want to make, because it’s a game that you want to Play too, Watch that Game using your imagination and how’d you truly enjoy it to be, Make that Game Exactly as you wanted it, Because since You Wanted It, you’ll be the most who Enjoys it Both along the way of making it, and after finishing it.


Game Development is another game by itself, and you’re the Gamer here, to finish this Game you need a Goal to guide you, and to Reach that goal you need a Motive, a Player’s best Motive is Joy, and you’re No Different, if you like the Game, you’ll Reach the Goal, Otherwise, Game Over.


– Simple, Keep 3 words in mind:


Feel, Watch, Make.





Steps to make a game



  • 1. draw/ write/ outline the raw idea in your head (Example: I want a hack&slash game where the player gets invisible the longer he attacks), keep that raw idea aside now, open a new page, look at your idea as a gamer now, and think what would improve to be more fun in that idea (Think Upgrading, Not Expanding, For Example: since the player gets invisible when attacking long, then that invisibility must have an effective use in the game, maybe I can use wider range attacks than usual so more enemies can be hit, or drop my weapons as a player, become faster and then stealth kill steak the enemies around me using a knife…) , Rethink and Upgrade your very same idea at least 11 times so you can insure that you will end up with something new, Attractive, and well thought of.


  • 2. look for 3 similar games to yours, or ones that you want to get some inspiration from (Example: DmC, Dark Souls and Prototype), Get Drunk and Play a lot while Outlining the game design of each one in lists and sub-lists (Example:


1. Character Abilities:

1.1 Push

2.1 Pull

3.1 Jump

4.1 Evade

5.1 Attack

2. Character Weapons:

1.2 Melee

2.2 Mid-Range

3.2 Guns

3.x Etc …. )